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We have gathered for you the best collection of private and themed tours in Southern and East Africa, including tours to Namibia, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, and the Indian Ocean islands: Mauritius, Zanzibar, Madagascar and Reunion. Based on our vast experience we have prepared a few African tour options, each designed to ideally suit your cravings for new adventure. Additionally, you can use one of our standard tours as a basis and together we can create an exclusive and inspirational journey tailored to suite your needs and wishes.

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South Africa
  • Royal Africa

    Royal Africa Tour

    This adventure will give you the opportunity to explore the sunny city of Cape Town, Table Mountain, the Cape of Good Hope, the unique Rovos Rail train, the majestic Victoria Falls, a cruise on the Chobe River on the legendary Zambezi Queen and more.

    • SA
    • Zambia
  • The African Kaleidoscope

    The African Kaleidoscope Tour

    This tour to Southern Africa will leave you dazzled with the magnificence of African colours: the artistic city of Cape Town, the tropical beaches of Mauritius, the majestic Victoria Falls, Safaris in the world-famous Chobe National Park, vibrant sunsets on the Zambezi River and much more.

    • SA
    • Zambia
    • Botswana
    • Mauritius
  • The Great African Adventure

    The Great African Adventure Tour

    Discover the exciting city of Cape Town, visit the driest desert in the world - the Namib desert with its “Martian” red dunes, go on a real African safari, and see the majestic Victoria Falls.

    • SA
    • Namibia
    • Zimbabwe
  • The African Mosaic

    The African Mosaic Tour

    This unforgettable trip will let you enjoy the sunny city of Cape Town, the Cape of Good Hope, Table Mountain, fantastic wines and cheeses of Franschhoek and Stellenbosch, a thrilling safari in the Kruger National Park, Sun City’s water park, and the world famous Victoria Falls.

    • SA
    • Zimbabwe
  • Grand Safari & Zanzibar

    Grand Safari & Zanzibar Tour

    This great tour to Kenya and Tanzania will give you the opportunity to truly experience the African savannah: encounter the African Big Five, marvel at the great migration of wildlife, and even relax on the tropical, snow-white beaches of the Indian Ocean.

    • Kenya
    • Tanzania
    • Zanzibar
  • Гастрономический тур

    Gourmet Tour

    South African cuisine is truly remarkable due to its incredible variety and flavour. Savour the best African game meats dishes, local cheeses, world-class wines and abundance of fresh seafood.

    • South Africa
  • Экстрим тур

    South African Extreme Tour

    With our extreme tour be prepared to experience an unforgettable journey filled with various activities such as ascending Table Mountain, hiking the Cape of Good Hope, sandboarding the dunes, cage diving with Great White Sharks, whale watching, bungee jumping and more!

    • South Africa
  • Русский след

    Russian Heritage in South Africa

    What unites Russian and South African cultures? When and how did the first Russians appear on the outermost point of the African continent? What kind of memory did they leave about themselves? All of these questions, along with many more, will be answered in our educational journey!

    • South Africa
  • Golf Tour

    South African Golf Tour

    We offer you a luxury holiday in South Africa with the unique opportunity to enjoy your favourite sport while admiring the beauty of the country and visiting incredible nature reserves and historic wine farms.

    • South Africa
  • Hunting & Fishing

    Hunting & Fishing in South Africa

    This tour is the perfect opportunity to experience an unforgettable journey through magnificent South Africa in combination with your favourite hobbies - hunting and fishing!

    • South Africa